Governor’s Council


Jen Caissie:

“The Governor’s Council is a Constitutional body that was established under the Massachusetts’ Constitution, a/k/a The Declaration of Rights.  Currently, the Council consists of eight (8) members all elected throughout Massachusetts. The Council’s primary role is to vote on all lifetime judicial appointments. In other words, no one becomes a judge in Massachusetts without the advice and consent of a majority of the 8-member Governor’s Council. The Council also votes on clerk magistrates, the members of the Massachusetts Parole Board, the Tax Appellate Board, Notary Publics and Justices of the Peace.”

The Governor’s Council is of vital importance to the future of Massachusetts and plays a pivotal role in the lifetime appointment of Judges, Clerk Magistrates, and Parole Board officials, as well as other issues.

Jen Caissie has been at the forefront of common sense issues such as requiring judicial candidates and others testifying at confirmation hearings to take a truth telling oath; putting a Victims’ Advocate on the Massachusetts Parole Board, and other accomplishments.


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